More Voices on NYCHA Private Development Plans

Posted by Rooflines on May 9, 2013

We've had a good discussion here on Rooflines about NYCHA's plan to build things on the open space in its public housing campuses: the open space implications, difficulty imagining public housing development without demolition and displacement, and the history behind residents' distrust.

This week the conversation continues: on Atlantic Cities, Ron Strickland describes how his masters in urban design students envision whole new neighborhoods within NYCHA's complexes, bringing opportunity next door to those who need it most, while Tom Angotti of Hunter College weighs in on City Limits to argue that NYCHA's plan would pave the way for gentrification and disempowerment and privatization, and that there are other ways to address the authority's operating deficit.

Which argument do you find most compelling?


(Photo credit JBlue, CC BY-NC-SA.)

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