Happy Holidays From All of Us to All of You

Posted by Rooflines on December 25, 2014











As we wind down 2014 and prepare for the new year, the folks at Shelterforce would like to express our thanks to you—our readers and supporters. We’ve enjoyed connecting with you through Shelterforce in print and on the web, Rooflines, and our Shelterforce Weekly newsletter, and the discourse that’s come as a result. We’ve always benefitted from your insight, appreciate your perspective, and we're excited in 2015 to be a continued resource and sounding-board for community development.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and peaceful New Year.

Thank you,


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Barbara Hamaker
29 Dec 14, 2:13 pm

Thank you all for your insightful articles and the resulting comments from around the country—so many different perspectives working diligently to find solutions to similar problems.  Terrific.  I work for a small affordable housing non profit who does small urban-infill projects in the West Hollywood/Los Angeles area. 

I find it fascinating that we are in the “business” of constructing (affordable) buildings that house people, hopefully that will last for many decades, be well-constructed and well-designed, all the while trying to forecast where we will all be wanting to live (city, suburbs, country) in the future.  Seems the cart is forever before the horse with existing buildings and those now under construction.  When the horse gets underway, those buildings that last for 50+ years are left in the dust to be repurposed if possible…or become a historic landmark at best.  [Worst case scenario is probably Pruitt Igoe whose history is really fascinating.]  Seems we are essentially taking a chance on building something that no one will want to live in in a couple of decades because the parade has headed in a different direction. 

Keep up the good work, and aren’t we lucky to be living in such interesting times?!

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