Policing And Communities

Posted by Rooflines on January 27, 2015

When the conversations surrounding the Michael Brown and and Eric Garner cases were at their peaks, Shelterforce conducted a survey, asking our readers how they felt about the relationship between law enforcement and the communities in which they work and live. The answers we received ran the spectrum, from “police presence is always a good thing,” to “police are bad,” but what was most interesting were the responses in the middle; from people working in community development who said they need and appreciate the protection police provide to residents, but have seen firsthand the sometimes unequal and unfair treatment their constituents receive in their dealings with police. The majority of respondents said they “felt conflicted” about the police’s activity in their neighborhood/service area.

“The police can be the first point of contact for a person needing help. They can also be the worst nightmare for people experiencing homelessness.” –Unidentified respondent

(Same respondent also said their organization has provided CIT training to law enforcement, as well as participated in protests/demonstrations in response to instances of police violence).

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